What is AssessPal ?

AssessPal is an advanced, patented vehicle assessment framework relevant to a variety of industries in evaluating and logging vehicle damage and maintenance needs.

The uniqueness in the AssessPal framework is that it uses a 3-D representation of the vehicle to vastly improve accuracy and efficiency of logging by an assessor when compared to a paper-based "tick-and-flick" system or even an electronic system using flat models.

Our Technology

Patented 3D Technology

View a model vehicle from any angle and accurately mark the location of any damage before adding real-world pictures of the actual vehicle.

Single-point Data Acquisition

Use a single application to capture all data, including damage/repair locations and pictures, videos, text and audio notes.

Limitless Integration

Integrate with in-house third-party or bespoke data solution to keep existing management and reporting systems intact while improving on-site accuracy and throughput.

Improve Efficiency Immediately

Improve the efficiency of your assessment workflow immediately by using our intuitive, natural data entry interfaces.

Patented Technology

The patented AssessPal Engine is available in several flavours, including:

  • As a framework for implementation into existing/third-party iOS and Android apps such as public self-assessment apps (by your own app developers or ours)
  • As a customised, stand-alone app for iPads and Android Tablets (for use by staff in assessment centres, rental facilities, etc)
  • As a customised app, integrated with existing business systems (e.g. for direct access to your own vehicle fleet data)



Time Savings

AssessPal is a valuable, time-saving tool for a number of industries, including:

  • Insurance adjusters / insurance assessment centres
  • Car / truck rental pre/post-assessment
  • Plant hire pre/post-assessment
  • Accident investigations
  • Mining
  • Public Works

AssessPal for Insurance - Quick Tour


Industry Examples

The Patented AssessPal Engine and the end-user Applications that are built on top of that engine can be used in many industries. Below are just a handful.

INSURANCE: Assess more vehicles every hour, with less staff and greater accuracy than any other method

INSURANCE: Add the AssessPal engine to your existing public self-assessment insurance apps for iOS and Android

PLANT HIRE: Manage pre- and post-hire damage & maintenance for Mining and Road Plant Equipment

SERVICE: Make repair and service notes both inside and out, directing your service staff and QA personnel to the exact spot every time

ACCIDENT/INSURANCE INVESTIGATIONS: Store advanced 3-Dimensional scans incorporating pictures and even video for later analysis

CAR AND TRUCK RENTAL: Pre- and Post-rental assessments made quick, simple, and accurate by retrieving existing damage for each vehicle

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